Tile Roofs

Tile roof systems are a great alternative for those seeking a roof that will give their home a more traditional look. These roofs can be almost maintenance free when installed correctly by using proper underlayment materials and elevated batten systems. Although they can be installed in any home with reinforced rafters and a roof pitch of 3/12 or more, tile roofing systems are found more in coastal areas due to their ability to withstand salt and high winds (Avg. 125 mph). Aftermath Roofing offers superb installation and repair for all tile roof systems. Below are some more pros and cons of tile roofing systems:



  • Tile roofs are impervious to rotting due to their makeup composition.
  • Tile roofing is fire resistant since clay and concrete are not combustible materials.
  • Roof tiles are environmentally friendly since they are made up of raw materials similar to dirt/soil.
  • Tile roofs are pleasing to look and add a distinct style to any home.


  • Tile roofs are more expensive than widely used asphalt shingles.
  • Roof tile is heavy and requires for reinforced rafters making it more expensive to install on a home that was not designed for it.
  • Roof tiles stand the test of time but are brittle making them susceptible to breaking with hail or foot traffic.
  • Although Roof tile itself is durable the materials beneath them may have to be replaced with time since they play an important role in giving roof tile its waterproof integrity.