Reroofs Laredo

Need a new roof? The main causes for needing a reroof or roof replacement in Laredo are normal deterioration and weather damage like hail and strong winds.

Roof replacement is not done frequently. Some people may feel confused when looking into a reroof for the first time. We make the process easy and stress free. The good news is you already did one of the most important things to re-roofing your home which is finding a trusted and reputable roofing company.

Basic Information & Steps

The first step is to determine if the project will be out of pocket or with an insurance claim.


Second step is to request an estimate. We will evaluate your roof and give you the options. Several factors are important when determining the roofing system to be installed: The slope of the roof, roof structural support (rafters/studs), material composition preferred, customer’s budget and visual preference.


Next you must decide whether to replace the roof with the same type as existing or upgrade if possible. The most popular types of roof on homes are asphalt shingles and life tile.


Lastly, it’s time to start the project. Make sure all contract details are as agreed and to your liking.

ReRoof Stress Free


Our goal is to make the re-roofing process easy and stress free. We will take care of everything from beginning to end, from getting the roofing City Permit to removal of the debris. Before and after pictures are provided and our workmanship is 100% guaranteed.


Give us a call or request an estimate online and let us help you with your next re-roofing project.