Commercial Roof Coatings

COMMERCIAL ROOF COATINGS Roof Coatings Although commercial roof coatings are simple systems to install we always follow specific manufacturer guidelines to ensure correct installation. Prior analysis of the existing roof and proper preparation of roofing surfaces has to be kept in mind in order to deliver a professional roof coating job. Roof coating systems are… Continue reading Commercial Roof Coatings

Aluminum Composite Wall Panels

ALIMINIUM COMPOSITE WALLS PANELS Aluminum Composite Panels Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP’s) are flat panels made of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded together to a non aluminum core. Stucco, brick and siding all lack the modern look Aluminum Composite Walls Panels give to any residential or commercial building once installed. ACP’S are rigid thus eliminating… Continue reading Aluminum Composite Wall Panels

Commercial Tile

COMMERCIAL TILE Commercial tile roofs are pleasing to look at which is why they can also be found in commercial buildings. Installing tile roofs at a large scale requires the use of quality materials, heavy equipment  as well as skilled labor. Manufacturer installation guides have to be followed in order to be able to give… Continue reading Commercial Tile

Commercial Shingles

COMMERCIAL SHINGLES Commercial Asphalt Shingles Like in homes, commercial asphalt shingles are also widely used in commercial construction because they are inexpensive, easy to install and effective at waterproofing. In order to meet project deadlines and deliver correct installation of material, installing large sq ft. quantities of asphalt shingles requires equipment, experience, and manpower. We… Continue reading Commercial Shingles

Commercial Modified Bitumen

COMMERCIAL MODIFIED BITUMAN Modified Bitumen (Asphalt systems) Although the rise in popularity of Single Ply systems has diminished the presence of Commercial Modified Bitumen on commercial flat roofs, it is still widely used today on buildings such as schools and government installations because of its durability. Modified Bitumen systems require a high level of professional… Continue reading Commercial Modified Bitumen

Commercial Metal

COMMERCIAL METAL The Metal Roofing Specialists Here at Aftermath Roofing we count with the professional staff and equipment to tackle any metal roofing project regardless of size and difficulty. From re-roofs (tear offs) to new constructions, there is not one single project we can’t handle. We are certified by some of the most recognized nationwide… Continue reading Commercial Metal

Sheet Metal Work

SHEET METAL WORK Sheet Metal Specialists As sheet metal roofing specialists, it is imperative that we count with all the necessary machinery and hardware for sheet metal fabrication. Our staff is specialized in fabricating and installing all kinds of custom metal trims in order to deliver a premium sheet metal service. Here at Roofing Aftermath… Continue reading Sheet Metal Work

Residential Seamless Gutters

RESIDENTIAL SEAMLESS GUTTERS Seamless Gutters Here at Aftermath Roofing we count with the necessary machinery and staff for fabrication and installation of seamless gutters for all residential and commercial projects. Our seamless gutters are fabricated (roll formed) on site no matter how big or small the job may be. We also offer gutter maintenance and… Continue reading Residential Seamless Gutters

Residential Tile Roof

RESIDENTIAL TILE Tile Roofs Tile roof systems are a great alternative for those seeking a roof that will give their home a more traditional look. These roofs can be almost maintenance free when installed correctly by using proper underlayment materials and elevated batten systems. Although they can be installed in any home with reinforced rafters… Continue reading Residential Tile Roof

Residential Single Ply

RESIDENTIAL SINGLE PLY Flat Roofs Residential single ply roofing systems are designed to be installed in both residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs. Single ply membranes are easier, faster and safer to install than conventional modified bitumen or built up roof systems. They are also lighter than asphalt based systems thus causing less stress… Continue reading Residential Single Ply