Residential Shingles

RESIDENTIAL SHINGLES Asphalt Shingles Their low cost, simple installation and effectiveness make asphalt shingles the #1 roofing material used for homes today. The two most popular styles manufactured are 3-tab and Dimensional shingles. They are also manufactured in a variety of color options for homeowners to choose from making them a versatile roofing option. Here… Continue reading Residential Shingles

Residential Metal Shingles Combination

RESIDENTIAL METAL SHINGLES COMBINATION Innovative Roofing Aside from being metal roofing specialists,  we are innovators and like to apply our knowledge when working on any project. Our metal expertise has allowed us to combine both metal and shingle roofing systems to create a distinct roofing option for our customers. Adding metal, aluminum, and copper accents… Continue reading Residential Metal Shingles Combination

Residential Metal

RESIDENTIAL METAL NEVER RE-ROOF AGAIN! Standing seam metal roofing is by far the best choice when seeking a premium roof for your home. Standing seam metal systems are more complex to fabricate and install than shingles, roof tile and exposed fastener metal roofing, however outperform any other roofing system in durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Metal… Continue reading Residential Metal