Roof Coatings

Although roof coatings are simple systems to install we always follow specific manufacturer guidelines to ensure correct installation. Prior analysis of the existing roof and proper preparation of roofing surfaces has to be kept in mind in order to deliver a professional roof coating job. Roof coating systems are versatile and can be installed over metal, concrete, single ply, modified bitumen and BUR substrates. Coatings are also highly reflective, inexpensive, are almost weightless and are relatively quick to install thus achieving fast project turnover time. From simple homes to large sq ft buildings, Aftermath Roofing counts with the staff and equipment to tackle any roof coating project. Below and to the right is a list of roof coating manufacturer brands installed by Aftermath Roofing

Commercial Services

Aliminium Composite Wall Panels

ALIMINIUM COMPOSITE WALLS PANELS Aluminum Composite Panels Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP’s) are flat panels made of two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded together to a

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Commercial Tile

COMMERCIAL TILE Tile roofs are pleasing to look at which is why they can also be found in commercial buildings. Installing tile roofs at a

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Commercial Shingles

COMMERCIAL SHINGLES Commercial Asphalt Shingles Like in homes, asphalt shingles are also widely used in commercial construction because they are inexpensive, easy to install and

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Commercial Modified Bitumen

COMMERCIAL MODIFIED BITUMAN Modified Bitumen (Asphalt systems) Although the rise in popularity of Single Ply systems has diminished the presence of Modified Bitumen on commercial

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