Preventative maintenance is the surest way to increase the longevity of your roof system. Regular inspections and repairs, when performed correctly, can increase the life of any commercial, or residential roof system. Aftermath Roofing offers a Roof Condition Analysis Report, also known as an R.C.A. Report


RESIDENTIAL SERVICES   For residential roofing needs in Texas, we’ve led the pack for decades. If you need a roof, we’ve got you covered. With a professional staff, Aftermath Roofing  follows time-tested processes and offers award-winning customer service.Your home is your haven. And the protection of your home begins


Aftermath Roofing has set the commercial roofing industry standard for decades. Our great team strives always to exceed the expectations of our clients. The Aftermath Roofing  reputation is founded on a high level of customer service, reliable products, and an ever-growing list of commercial clients. The solutions provided by Aftermath Roofing are