Standing seam metal roofing systems have been proven to be the superior choice for pitched roofs. Metal roofs are durable which is why they are used in buildings such as schools where waterproofing is extremely crucial. Standing Seam systems are also resistant against high winds, are proven to be energy efficient (even more when installed over polyisocyanurate insulation), and do not tear or gather mold as asphalt shingles do. They are made up of 100% recyclable material and at the end of the day look great and outperform any other roofing system. Aftermath Roofing abides by manufacturer specs on installation of metal roofing systems while always using top quality materials to deliver a long lasting metal roofing solution

Manufacturer products installed by Aftermath Roofing

  • Berridge Manufacturing Co.
  • MBCI
  • McElroy Metal
  • Quality Metals
  • Pac-Clad
  • Englert Inc
  • Gerard Roofing Systems
  • Decra Roofing Systems
  • Boral Steel